Annette LaRue......   :, Tattooer    ...,, Lady  Pimp.... Certified Laser specialist...., Trail Guide,....                  Urban Survivalist... Entertainer...                                                                                                                                      and   all around  Badd Ass

Tattoo career and history

  Annette was born in Washington D.C.  She grew up in SW Miami and learned to tattoo in Daytona Beach from Ms. Cindy Lael. She started workin with her in 1989. She did all the hard work it takes to be a great apprentice. Tasks like oiling the floors, making needles for everyone in the shop, cleaning tubes, hand coloring all the flash on the walls and keeping the whole shop spotless were expected everyday.  She had a traditional apprenticeship that lasted approximately  18 months. She then was invited to work with the infamous Lou Scabaris in Miami at Tattoos by Lous , first at the beach location and then in Kendall. It was there that she met Troy Lane and Mikey Badda-Bing. She emulated the style they were doin in Miami at the time. " I was so taken with the solid work they were putting out and the real tattooer attitude all of Lous shops had. They turned me into a real tattooer". She also met Mike Wilson, who is from Daytona as well and they had a good friend ship. He helped her learn more about machines and the technical side.   She then moved to New Orleans in 1991 to work for one of her Mentors, Jacci Greshem. "What a learning experience! Her shop was so buzy at that time and it really helped me to get faster and learn how to keep customers happy, and I tried hard to keep Jacci happy too..She and I were best of friends and I have much respect for her and the things she taught me." 

  Annette then ventured out and opened the award winning shop "Blue Devil" in Tampa ,Fla in 1994. That shop was the first real shop in Ybor city, Tampa's old cigar and Cuban district. Blue Devil took off and was a wild success, being voted best in Tampa the first year it opened and for the 5 following years. "I want to thank my great friends and staff for all the help to make that shop great. Amber Glissen, John Himmelstien,Jody Rowe and myself worked 12 hour shifts to get it going." We had many others and sorry if your name was forgotten. At that time Annette was doin alot of tattooing and piercing as well.  In 1996 New Orleans called her back and she took over the legandary shop Electric Ladyland at Earhart and Carrolton in Gerttown.  She ran that shop by commuting back and forth and depending on her great staff to keep it going. In 1998 she sold Blue Devil to Adam Dorst who ran it sucessfully untill he sold it  in 2012.  She was then able to focus on one shop and the popularity of the Earhart location exploded! "We were doin 30 tats a day for each tattooer! the shop was kinda in the ghetto and we had the best neighborhood customers you could ask for. It was the finest ghetto tattooing I have ever done. We had such a great staff and had so much fun." The guys who helped get that going were Marc the sharc, Demian Bouchon, Dolla Bill, Ben Matthews , Lad Bak, Ellie Porche, Evette Wright, and the piercer was Clairissa Taylor. 

  In 2000 Annette was offered the chance to buy a shop in the downtown area of New Orleans and jumped at the chance to get it. She then did a heavy remodel, changed the name to Electric Ladyland 2 and started kickin ass!. Some of the folks who helped opened the shop are Marc the Sharc, Demian, Ramon, Ed Dieringer, Henry Rhodes and a few more.  The shop grew very fast and was Voted #1 12 years in a row, starting with the first year it was opened!
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